A&P FAA Interview
A&P students- you must have proof of your mechanical experience before you take the FAA written exams.
It may be military discharge records showing that you have worked on aircraft 30 months (DD 214 and/or
military performance records- APR's ect.) or a letter of experience signed by a licensed mechanic for whom
you have worked, stating that you meet the experience requirements of FAR 65.77, or an FAA written exam
grade slip which shows that you have met the experience requirements in the past, or a diploma from an
FAA approved technical school. Take any of these of these items to your local FAA office and ask for the
application required to take the A&P exams. Bring your signed application and we will enroll you and train
you for those exams.

FOREIGN APPLICANTS (Anyone other than U.S. citizen or resident-alien status)
The FAA determines if you are eligible to take the A&P tests. The requirements are a personal interview with
a FAA Aviation Safety Inspector (Airworthiness). Bring the following documents for the FAA inspector to
review. All items listed below are per FAA Order 8300.10, and AC65-11 which is found in the FAR AMT
(Handbook for Aviation Technicians). You may order this publication and have it shipped to your home or
place of work. See our Pro Shop area on this website.

A foreign national must show to the FAA the following listed documents in order to take the Airframe and/or
Powerplant mechanics examination.
All documents must be originals. No copies, no fax.
1) Positive identification (i.e., passport)
2) Your Aircraft Engineers License.
3) A signed detailed original statement (letter) from your employer substantiating the specific type of
maintenance performed and duration of each.
4) A detailed statement (letter) obtained from the foreign airworthiness authority of the country in which the
experience was gained or from an advisor of the International Civil Aviation Organization that will validate the
applicant's experience. The letter needs to have their official seal or stamp on it. This letter must also mention
the time period of your work experience and show details such as type aircraft worked on, and the job task
accomplished that pertain to the ratings applied for (airframe and/or powerplant).

APPLICANTS, please take these documents to the Federal Aviation International Field Office that governs
the area that you work in to obtain authorization (FAA Form 8610-2)for the aircraft mechanic written and oral
and practical exams.

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