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6951 Flight Road, Suite #202
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Welcome to AvTech-Exams our name says it all Aviation Technician Examination preparation. We provide top quality
exam prep and on-site examinations for FAA the Airframe and/or Powerplant ratings, Inspection Authorization and
FCC GROL+Radar to individuals, corporations and the US Military. Remember your training needs are our concern.
We can develope tailored courses to meet your training needs. Please feel free to contact us concerning your specific

AvTech-Exams has a 2000 sq. ft. state of the art facility. We use computer-based instruction and practice
examinations for our courses. Our desire to stay current with todays technology enables us to provide the best self
paced training programs available to the aviation industry. Our success is based on your success, if you fail we fail.
Our main source of students continues to be referrals from satisfied graduates from the United States, Canada and
around the world.

And yes you will get hands-on training here. We have a hangered Cessna 150 which is completely operational. You
will learn by perfroming hands-on task such as magneto timing, wheel and brake inspection and many other task listed
in the FAA A&P Practical Test Standard.

We welcome both full and part time students. You will have 4 months to complete any course you enroll in with us.
Please call us with any questions or concerns you have at
1-800-216-0930. If you would like to email us your
questions please contact us at:

Hours of Operation.
AvTech-Exams is open 5 days a week
8:00 - 4:00 Monday - Fridays
Call 951-352-8180

Location: 6951 Flight Road Suite #202 Riverside, CA 92504 (Riverside Municipal Airport main terminal, second floor)
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